Tuesday, October 28, 2008


things happen in 3's...good things, bad things...whatever these things are...they happen in 3's. and haillee knows how to really do things in 3's!!!

haillee gets a sinus infection...which for me was weird...a 6 year old with a sinus infection?? how does that happen?? she gets put on antibiotics and has to deal with a fever too.

haillee has an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin...the antibiotic they put her on for the infection. and can i just say i never want to go thru an allergic reaction of any sort again?? the rash this kid has is brutal!!

006_2 007


and these photo's don't even come close to showing off that fabulous rash of hers...and there are some spots that are brutal looking...and her inner thighs, back of her thighs, and little bottom...all i can say is uncomfortable and ouch!!

so moving on!! remember, things come in 3's!!! tonight we walked with dakota to his tae kwon do class and continued on our walk after dropping him off...we get home and haillee gives in to delainey's demands...yes demands, lol...for a piggy back ride...she crouches down on our concrete steps to let delainey get on her back and delainey over balanced her and WHAM!!! haillee smashes her face into our concrete stoop....giving herself a puffy nose and a crazy nose bleed!! i think it might be black and swollen tomorrow!!!

my poor girl!! well in an attempt to distract her earlier today we got crafty...made some bookmarks and these adorable fridge magnets....haillee's is the top one

005 so i am off to enjoy a cup of tea and some digital play...have a fabulous night and a fabulous wednesday!!!


  1. omg girl, that rash does look nasty. i just 'recovered'from a sinus infection also and i'm allergic to antibiotics (peneciline) so i don't get any at all. i just have to 'sit' it out. hope your girl(s!) are feeling better soon!

  2. Oh the memories!! When Megan, our eldest who is now 9, was 18mths she had a throat infection and went on penicillin. We then found out she was allergic as she came out in a rash. So these photos reminded me of that, hers was horrible too. Poor kid was a wreck till we took her off the medicine.
    I hope she is all better, cool magnets!!
    Hope you enjoyed the cup of tea ;)

  3. awwww...poor sweetie!
    & i'm here trolling for the yellow eyes...are you kidding me @ that?

  4. Oh boy...bless their hearts! They've had a rough time!
    Have a great Friday!

  5. Ouch! The poor thing! Hopefully all of her ailments clear up soon.
    And you never updated us on how that Chai Shortbread was, I've been waiting! hehe

  6. Hi Jessi - my son looked exactly like this - no kidding! Turned out he is allergic to penicillin. Hope your 3's have come to an end :)

  7. Oh my Jess... I am so sorry about the 3s!! I agree, I never heard of a 6 year old with a sinus infection!?!? And I know how you feel with the skin... people looked at Alden like he was a leper this summer when his skin got so bad... well, ok, he did , but still!
    Hope Delainey's nose is ok now!
    Hang in there!!