Wednesday, November 26, 2008

have yourself a HOMEMADE christmas, day 1

this year we are all about the homemade...and as my family's path ventures deeper and deeper into a greener lifestyle...a homemade christmas seemed the next step. not only that...but i really believe it brings back to life the true sentiment of christmas. this is the season for of ourselves, of our hearts, of our time, of our services. and we all know how commercial this holiday and many others have's easy to get lost. but i want my kids to know about the finer things in life...about the effort, the commitment...and doing it because you want to.

so i thought as we get closer and closer to christmas,i would share with you little ideas, big ideas, inspiration and projects...and will find yourself having a homemade christmas too!!

and being that today is my birthday...and birthday's celebrate giving...what a perfect day to start!!! my gift to you is project number one....quick and easy...

embroidery needle holders. i came across these adorable gift ideas on melissa's blog. loved them. made are the instructions. as you can see...i embellished mine and used different stitching methods to make each one i give unique...but you can definitely save yourself some time and keep them simple!!! these are the ones i have made using her tutorial




can't wait to see yours!!!


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  1. Could these be any cuter? OK, it is officially on my I want it list... a sweing machine! Do you think an inexpensive one, like the 75$ ones from Target would work on paper and felt?