Wednesday, November 26, 2008

have yourself a homemade christmas, day 2


in our effort to teach our children the true meaning of this show them how to give of themselves...willingly and lovingly...i came up with an idea we are implementing for the first time this year. as part of my old fashioned christmas class, i made victorian paper cones. and it occurred to me that instead of filling them with candy as per the usual...i thought...we could fill them with sweet thinking of you notes and gifts. so we will hang them on our doorknobs...and fill them with little notes or pictures...maybe even candy!!! but the idea was to show the kids that it doesn't take money or a lot of effort to show someone you are thinking of them. whether you put a little "i love you" note in the cone...or a draw a picture and fold it up to pu inside...or even grab a cookie from the cookie jar...whatever...we will have to see how it goes, lol...but they are super easy to make...and make a great addition to your own decor as a fabulous gift to someone else!!!

so the how to...they are super easy!!!

what you need: pattern paper, ribbon, any embellishment you like ( i used chandelier beads letter stamps, chipboard stars, paint, stickles,hand cut holly and berries, versa mark and utee),glue dots, hole punch, and circle template of some form ( i sued a kitchen bowl :D) that will allow you to cut as big of a circle as possible on a 12x12 sheet of paper.

what you do: trace your circle onto your 12x12 sheet of paper, cut it out, and cut your circle into 4 equal quarters ( like a 4 pieces of a pie). add a line of glue dots to the inside of one of the straight edges, roll the other straight edge to overlap slightly over the edge with adhesive and press firmly to adhere. embellish with ribbon around the opening of the cone, add any embellishment to the middle of the cone. punch 2 holes opposite each other near the top of the cone's opening to add your ribbon handle. thread the ribbon hand thru from the inside of the cone to knot it on the outside. done!! see...easy peasy!!

to attach my chandelier crystals i used a needle to thread some waxed linen thread thru the bottom point and tied the jump ring with the crystals to the the linen thread. then i tied a bit of ribbon over the thread to hide it.

now to share some progress!!! i finished one poncho and one reversible how they came out and can't wait to see how my girls react to them!!




hope you all have a fabulous day!!!



  1. Oh my word... that poncho is too adorable Jessi!! It makes me wish that I had a little girl to sew for... um, and that i knew HOW to sew... LOL. :)

  2. LOVE these jessi!!!!!
    that little poncho & the skirt are so adorable...*sigh*...your girls are going to LOVE them!!!

  3. Hi jess.
    #1 : happy Happy birthday to you! Hope you had a great day. :)
    #2 : SO LOVE all the beautiful stuff you make!! The poncho the little skirt ... the cones - the needleholders .. everything is SO beautiful!!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!
    Love the poncho colours! (makes me wish for a winter Christmas)
    We are also working on as much homemade as possible this time. Today we make teachers' gifts & I'll teach my daughter to blanket stitch around the felt tissue holders she's making...
    yay for vacation, and Time, to DO.

  5. you are so amazing me. I totally love that poncho! It is so beautiful and I can't wait to "hear" all about it!

  6. Oh my! That poncho is so terribly CUTE!! Pleaes share where you got the pattern!