Thursday, November 27, 2008

have yourself a homemade christmas, day 3

art portfolio's!!! i love them!! such a simple, easy, and fun gift to make and give!!! but soooooo changing some of the pockets out you can make a notepad holder, a stationary folder, a portfolio to hold your day planner and business cards. there are so many tutorials around on how to make them, like here,and here (instructions here).


i used no pattern for mine...i cut 2 rectangular pieces of coordinating fabric, using a sketch book as my guide for size and allowing for seam allowance and to insert a piece of chipboard inside the portfolio for structure. i created a pocket for the inide of the portfolio but cuting a rectangular piece of fabric the same length but half the width of the other 2 pieces. i am a create as i go before attaching the inside and outside pieces of the portfolio...i sewed my pocket to the inside cover, created my pockets on one sidfe of the portfolio with stitched lines for pencils and whatnot ( i used a pencil crayon for measuring space and pins to mark the spaces). i also added a piece of elastic above this pocket to hole things like erasers, scissors, etc. and followed the same method as creating pockets for pencils. the other side of the portfolio i left the pocket the full size to allow a sketch book to slide in.


with right sides together, i pinned the outside and inside cover together...if adding one handle (created either from fabric or ribbon, your choice...i used a length of fabric folded in half and zig zag stitched the raw edge together)to the side edge that is being stitched closed on the INSIDE with your edges lined up with your side edges ( you will not see the it should be inside, inbetween the two covers), and stitched 3 sides together, (the bottom long edge, side edge, and and top long edge...making sure on the bototm and top edge NOT to sew all the way to the open need to be able to fold in the edge to create a seam AFTER you have turned the porfolio right side out. turn the portfolio right side out, iron flat. you will have a handle on one end and an opening opposite. slide a piece of chipboard cut to the size of your sketch book. stitch your centre line....from top edge to bottom edge of portfolio. slide in a second piece of chipboard for the other half, fold in raw edges of opened side edge, adding your hadle to this side, and stitch your edge closed. i also added a top stitch at this point...sewing along the outside edge close to the seam.

and done!! this one is for 2 more to make!! well off to see a performance of les trois petits cochons...the 3 little pigs...and a rendition of la cloche de noel!! have a fabulous day...get sewing!!!



  1. Oh, This is SO cool!! Love this idea. Think I have to make something like this. :)

  2. ahhh you little home made queen you!! LOVING this stuff!! reminds me i need to go and finish my stuff!!

  3. LOOOOOOVE this jessy!!!!
    the yellow floral is so gorgeous