Thursday, November 13, 2008


music speaks...i love the stories...the emotions...the memories...a simple can evoke. i love all music...have very diverse music tastes...last night i stumbled on the cma's ( country music awards...yes that does say country!!). but seriously...have you ever sat and listened to the words of one?? well a couple of my favourite artists performanced during the awards... this first song give me goosebumps...and made me instantly think of people i know who might appreciate the song and the message and the beauty of her words!!

second song i want to share with you...really struck a chord...i am a mom...there was no way it wasn't!! and more so because earlier that day ronda and i were having a conversation about how her and lexi talk about lexi getting married and what kind of wedding she dreams about...

and see?? country isn't about losing your dog and losing your love and losing your food and losing your shirt,'s beautiful stories told in a song!!

have a fabulous day!!


  1. LOVE both of those songs, they are two of my faves at the moment :) Maybe you'll convert a few of your readers into country fans ;) hehe

  2. Cowboys are my weakness, I married one!

  3. ok...omgosh...i CRY MY EYES OUT at that trace should have seen me at the concert...BIG FAT TEARS ROLLING down my friends all laugh at me @ it...but dude...that song just totally gets me...
    love it :)

  4. ok... iTunes should so hire you! I always LOVE the music you recommend, and this first song is no exception! I will have to add it to my list,and when I burn the CD it will be dubbed the Jessi List... :) (I didn't make it to the second, it has been too emotional of a day to hear about weddings!LOL)