Thursday, November 20, 2008

time for tea??

good. take a break and sit down with a lot to share!!! where to begin.......?

AH! how about we begin with a wonderful friend and a wonderful gift?? most of you know that we have changed our cooking BIG time in our house over the last year....well i have really discovered a love for cooking and creating in the kitchen...i love my family's reactions to the food i serve...and the fact that eat EVERYTHING!!! now you mom' know how huge that is...let's face it, kids are just picky and make us work for it, lol!!! a HUGE inspiration for me in the kitchen has been jamie oliver...yup!!! love that boy!!! his cooking appeals to rustic and vintage...and he recipes are fabulous!! no ingredients i can't $100  bottles of balsamic speciality stores. so i received from my very bestest friend in the entire world...for my birthday (which isn't til the 25th)...the jamie oliver cookbook; at home with jamie. DUDE!!! if you haven't seen this show...GO WATCH!!! if you don't have this book...GO GET IT!!!! the first recipe i tried from it was the pizza bomba's...we were celebrating (get to that later in this post) i wanted to make something fun for the fun are pizza balls?? HUGE HIT!!!

what were we celebrating?? my son. he has chosen a tough path in school and we are so proud of it. when he started kindergarten 3 years ago...he was four. we started him in french immersion. he had problems. at the school's urging and insistence, regardless of my questions and concerns...they suggested we switch him from french to the regular program. we did. he repeated kindergarten. those problems seemed to sort themselves out...most of them. he still struggled a bit with reading and phonics...but everything else was up to par! we moved to innisfail. we saw at his new school even more improvement in gr.1 which led us to believe that his "problems" were mostly due to starting too early. but it is what it is and he was now in the english program. so a week ago my daughter, who is in the french program, did a little french for parents performance. after the performance there was a guest speaker to talk with the parents about the myths and facts of french immersion. give some research and background in to the program. i have to admit, i tuned most of it out, lol...we are confident in our decision for putting haillee in the program. all of our reason's were the same as she was discussing. then she hit the myth's and one was should a child who has been having academic problems be pulled from the french program? the answer?? NO!!! a child with academic problems will have them whether he is in french, english, dutch, or german....duuuuuuuuuuuuude!!! jason and i were giving each other the look at this know the one...what?? seriously?? what the hell!!! his old school sang a different tune!!! so not impressed now!!! yup, that look!! his old school took the easy route...the lazy way...and we felt so betrayed!!! so thursday saw me at the school talking with haillee's teacher and the principal about the possibilities of getting dakota back into the french program and what would it take. this school was extremely supportive and we are so grateful our kids are at this school. after a principal, new teacher, and old teacher meeting...they decided that this would be possible and if dakota wanted to do it, they would support it. so tuesday was his first FULL day in french immersion...and dude!! his excitement was crazy!!! he was told he couldn't do this...and now he is...something he has wanted to do!!! his hurdles will come...some will be big...he has missed 2 years of the french immersion program...but he will get there.


OLW is's revlie's choice...her word is fabulous!!! gets you thinking, it does!!! but go read her her, you just feel the energy pouring off the post!!!


my final challenge for the just cre8 idol challenge has been to wait...sigh!! not my strongest virtue!


so tea time over...i have to get cracking on more christmas stuff...just about done...woohoo!! i even made my christmas album in advance this year...just have to add the memories, lol!!! but today i need to make some felted wool items, gotta get some things in the mail, and play...just get creative and play!!! hope you all have a fabulous day!!!



  1. love your creative juices, love the excitement and chances for big d, love the cookbook, love you.

  2. hey you cooking lady! Got that book too, but since we moved house, it's kinda neglected somewhere in a box. now i go get it! thanks :D
    and i'm soo proud for you of Dakota! he's a touchie! and LOVE your energy lo. Haillee and Sanne must never meet. haha.

  3. good luck for the idols! Lovely LO!!!
    I'm envious that you guys get to do French, it's a dream of mine, maybe one day...

  4. this happens so often unfortunatly
    good for you for talking about it again
    second chances are always have the besy results :)
    love the los!

  5. go d!!!! go d!!!!!!!!
    & now i have to go order some jamie oliver :)
    i've always loved his i need a new cookbook for my new kitchen :)

  6. Hey Jess... I have been so behind in blogs... sorry! And now your special day is already here... I don't think overnight to Canananada is an option... you will have to exercise that waiting virture for my little gift okay? :)
    Now, I am so happy for Dakota and that he wanted to take on the french challenge! That is awesome! :) Let me know how he does... I'll say a little german prayer for him!! LOL.
    We need to IM scrap soon... i miss you guys... :(