Friday, December 19, 2008

dude! we all remember my bad things in three's post?? well...can i just say that maybe when it concerns my daughter, haillee...that the cycle of three is constantly re-occurring?? i keep thinking this kid just can't catch a break...but really what it comes down to is the fact that the poor child has inherited her mother's extreme clumsiness!!! o yeah...hi! my name is jessica and i walk into walls and trip over air!!!

so what did haya do?? she decided to throw herself down the stairs last night...the basement stairs...the stairs that have concrete at the bottom!!! she lost her footing, tumbled down, and SMASHED her face into the concrete floor!!! i have NEVER seen a bump that big IN MY LIFE!!! so gross!! poor kid...we did take her to the dr.'s as the bump was right on her brow and i wanted to make sure the eye area was fine...which it is...but dude!!!

wanna see?? o yeah! i took pics...seriously!! did you even wonder??? tsk!tsk!! always know that the evils of being a mom guidelines STATES: a mother shall always do her best and go to extreme measures, to obtain that which may serve as evidence and proof of stupidity, humiliation, and self mutilation of own off spring.

i think this falls under self mutilation category...and possible humiliation down the road....muhahahaha!!!




she is fine...just so you children were harmed or put under undue distress in the taking of these photo's...i do, however, think she might be just a tad embarrassed by it...she didn't want to go to school today...she said she was tired and her head hurt...but i think she really didn't want to explain a bump that big or get teased about it. so nice mom me, let her stay was just a fun day anyway:D!!!

so...have a fabulous friday...i am off to make a black forest trifle for an engagement tonight and some minor shopping!!!

joyeux noel tout le monde!!!


  1. wow! m├ęchante pock!!!
    glad to know she`s ok. the Santa pics will definately be something to scrap about!

  2. Owie!!
    Oh, your poor daughter!
    I hope it heals (& she feels better) soon!

  3. ahh poor little thing!! and even more poor when she's has her mommy ready with the camera! KIDDING. that bump does look extremely big. so happy to hear all is fine with the little clumbsy lady. and we can shake hands (dutch saying, maybe enlgish also?). i can trip over nothing also (usally arjan sais; ahhh another little grass you trip over??)
    love, have a great x-mas!!