Monday, December 1, 2008

have yourself a homemade christmas, day 4 i wanted to share with you a favourite way of mine to decorate!!! i grew up on vancouver island and was always excited to decorate each christmas with cedar and holly...upon moving out here to alberta 10 years ago...i always get a little homesick at this time of the year...nostalgia settles in. i miss the cedar boughs and sprigs of holly. this year in our effort to maintain a simple christmas, a homemade christmas, a green christmas, and a vintage inspired christmas...i kept trying to figure out how to not decorate with plastic. and then it hit me...yes...seriously like a smack upside the head!!! i have been living in alberta for 10 years and have completely ignored the fact that pine trees grow in abundance out here...they weren't cedar so i dismissed them!! and we have 3 pines growing in our backyard!! so jay cut down some boughs yesterday...and this is what i want to share with you!!! some decorating ideas...that can go much further....

wrap an outdoor bannister with pine (or cedar or both)


fill outdoor pots with pine branches and line your steps...i do plan on adding pinecones into these pots...i collected the pine cones from our yard and will wrap some wire around them and add them to the pots and railing


centre piece...add candles ( i have some pinecone and pillar candles here) and some pinecones ( i cut mine to create pinecone "flowers")



fill vases with pinecones and boughs


fill random baskets around your house with it



it doesn't have to be overly complicated...just simple. and i love the feel this gives my i have stepped back in favourite part being...there is no commercial or plastic in any of this. and i love that something i feel like i have been missing out on over the last 10 years has been included once more in my life!

happy december 1st...have fun decorating!!


  1. oh your home must smell BEAUTIFUL!!!
    love all the evergreens

  2. they look great Jess! I was sorely disappointed that the trees in our back acre... they are not the kind of pines you can cut down for an inside tree... :( I will plant some this summer I think! LOL.

  3. Oh, I LOVE to decorate with pine during x-mas, it is SO beautiful! Love how you have put it in your pots and your senterpice with candles. :)