Tuesday, December 9, 2008

have yourself a homemade christmas, day 7

one of my favourite parts of trying to live a greener life is the somewhat vintage way of doing things...you all know how much i love things from the past...well, part of that is love has extended into herbs...these plants have wonderful qualities for aiding in health, beauty, and cleaning!! and i am a BIG believer of natural remedies...so this year i have tried my hand at making fragrant bath salts. something i will continue to do...the best part about these green choices...i find the more i make of my own...the more i never go back to commercial...and i love that.


do you know how beneficial to ones health epsom baths are?? by adding epsom slats to your bath you increase your magnesium levels, and this is huge....from circulation, to diet control to muscle control and ridding your body of toxins and this is before mentioning the benefits of the salts to your skin...i know...who'd a thought...you can read more about the benefits of this here. the additional benefits come from essential oils added into the salts...lavender is a natural and effective stress relief and reducing or ridding headaches completely. vanilla oil is an anti-oxidant, an aphrodisiac, anti depressant, lends to tranquillity and relaxation, and an anti carcinogenic.

you know when i started reading more about the benefits of herbs...i kept thinking to myself...why did we try fixing what wasn't broke. the earth has provided us with these amazing miracles and we have forsaken them for chemicals, commercialism, and mass production...anyway...i promise...i will not get onto my soap box today....back to making salts!!!

so what you need...

epsom salts

essential oils

and food colouring (optional)

put your epsom salts into a glass bowl or measuring cup.

add your colour a drop or 2 at a time, mixing well in between each addition until the desired colour is reached

now add your essential oils a ddrop or 2 at a time, mixing in between each addition until desired strength of scent is reached.

DONE!! i know how easy, huh??!!! you can also add dried bits of the herb you are using in essential oil for a pretty look, for exampl...i made lavendar vanilla salts and added dried lavendar into my batch.


i suggest that looking up the benefits of specific oils to find out what you or the recipient of the salts will be benefitting from....i am going to make a batch of eucalyptus salts...benefits include : decongestant, doedorant, anti infammatory, stimulant, antispetic, antibacterial...and more!! plus, let's face it...the smells of essential oils are amazing!!! you can package your oils up in cute glass jars or organza bags, add a cute tag to specify the scent and the benefits your recipient will be benefiting from...and whoever you give them too will LOVE them!!!


so happy salting!!! have a fabulous day!!!



  1. Oh, this bath-salt of yours sounds wonderful!! I love to take a bath now and then - SO relaxing! Didn't know all this good things about the salt, though...Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Alright you cananada Martha stewart...
    these are great, I will have to remember to try it some time!! :)

  3. grrr... i just left a comment and it disappeared!
    You are the cananada Martha stewart!