Wednesday, December 17, 2008

have yourself a homemade christmas

this idea was inspired by mel...she made these adorable memory cards using pattern paper. as soon as i saw them i knew they would be a fabulous tool to help aid my son with his french transition and to help my daughter just for fun. i plan on making a set of is the first one in that set...





the deck goes up to 12 (douze)...i just didn't lay the all out for this photo! i plan on doing a set of these for colours and animals....can't wait to see how they come out...think how cute these would be with shapes...and what a great tool they would be for eager toddler minds!!!

soooooooooooooooooo...i have some EXTREMELY good and EXCITING and HAPPY news to share...but i can't...i have to keep it to myself for a bit...but i am exploding with giddyness that i had to share in some way this little tidbit!!! so i promise you will all the details in a litle bit!!!

alright off to make some supper and get ready for a school concert...have a fabulous day!!

joyeux noel!


  1. what a great idea! Hope the concert went well, we've had a slew here and I cry at every one!

  2. these are so great Jess! I may be getting a gift certificate for a sewing machine for christmas... you better be ready to answer my HELP ME cries!! LOL.
    Cannot wait to hear your news...