Wednesday, December 3, 2008


do you find yourself in awe at this time of year?? do you see things that you might have missed any other time of the year?? do you find it amazing that people seem to go just that little bit extra for others?? do you see your surroundings with a little more magic??

it's funny that is seems to take a season created on a miracle to see a miracle...what would happen if we all stopped to see the miracles on a more profound those day to day things. in trying to find my direction for OLW this week...i cam e across a fabulous quote...

there are 2 ways to live life; to live as if nothing is a miracle, to live as if everything is a miracle.

~albert einstein.

you definitely don't need to be a scientist to see the truth in this...there is something just a bit miraculous about watching a sunrise or sunset. there is something miraculous about a baby being born...or seeing a plant grow from seed. there is something miraculous in the singing of a song...or the beauty of a dance. or watching your child read his first book. loose his first tooth. take his first is something miraculous about the fact that we continue to do these things as we grow. we are surrounded by miracles every the little things, the small details, the otherwise unnoticeables.

i choose to live a miraculous absorb those little things, to pay attention to the small's one of the things i lvoe about draws you to these things...makes you notice the beauty where others might listen where others might be sing, to enjoy life on a different level...this is where we find those everyday miracles...


so go have a beautiful day filled with miracles and stop by OLW to see how miracles fill the rest of the OLW dt.



  1. i say AMEN girl!! so well spoken, and your canvas is FAB-U-LOUS!! ongelofelijk gaaf!

  2. thanks for sharing that quote it is awesome.

  3. thanks for sharing that quote it is awesome.

  4. Awesome Stuff Jess _ I def. think we need to take more time and 'smell the roses' and be thankful and appreciate the many miracles that happen each and every day!!
    Happy Friday!!

  5. This is my favourite blog entry ever. So well said, well-timed and TRUE. I hope you won't mind if I make myself a similar daily reminder for my hallway?

  6. I love it! That is a great quote, I will have to steal it from you to use!! LOL. I have to tell you, I bought some of those crotched flowers, and thought they were a "jessi" thing!! (unless you made those you crafty genius!)

  7. absolutely LOVE love love!!!
    i think i'm with caro...i need to make one for my home too :) maybe for the kitchen!!