Monday, December 15, 2008

monday things


sue, over at just cre8, asked me to be the guest designer for january!!! so excited about that!!! reveal day is today....wanna see what i created with their amazing kit???




okay so hooked on these little ornaments!!! so easy to is your quickie homemade christmas!!! :D take one foam ball, apply mod podge to it, dump glitter all over it ( this one has a a pretty white glitter form the just cre8 kit, it looks like a pretty and sparkly snowball :D), let it dry, tap off excess, spray with hairspray ( helps to keep glitter from falling off and it really does work!!), emebellish!!! i made some plain blue ones for our tree and used little silver pins to attach a ribbon for hanging. this one i pushed wire thru the centre of the ball to attach beads and use for hanging and added some paper, ribbon, and brads to the middle.


finally got my kenner road kit and can now make the fabulous paper trees that gi had made a bit ago!!! so excited!!! can't wait to play with the kit as well!!


one of the sweetest people to ever work at my local scrap store, miss coralee, has started a blog...she's diving in ladies!!! getting her feet wet i this online world...which is fabulous...i am sure she would love some blog love and hello's and some cool people she can check out in return!!! she has has some pretty cool techniques up her sleeves, which if you're especially sweet, she might share in her blog posts!!!


a daily something...delainey ended up with an eye infection, temperature, and ear infection...poor kid!!! got some antibiotics and she is on the mend...she was looking a little rough for a bit!!! haillee lost her first tooth and already has a second loose one...sigh!! and dakota...doing so well with his french transition...we are so proud of him!!

have a fabulous to create...something!!


  1. Thanks so much Jess! I just love your blogging style and designs. Your so sweet and you have such a way with words. How are your new classes coming?

  2. Oh, your LO and doorhanging and ornament are all SO beautiful!!!
    Have a great week.