Wednesday, January 7, 2009

class things...

so some of you are wondering what is going on with my classroom. *sigh*. i was forced to give up the idea of turning our guest house (and by guest house i mean once car garage that was built never to be a garage but a rental unit by the previous owners) into a classroom. i got as far as having the floors ripped up...and while jay was to deal with the construction part...i was off picking out paint and things to make it all pretty...when, alas...i get the sad information that the building structure isn't worth the amount of reno's it would require to turn it into a classroom. the building was built poorly ( the walls were a mess and QUITE crooked)...the electrical was a nightmare...and the bathroom had to ripped out and short was more efficient to tear it down and build it new....*sigh*

so why? if you are going to build something...would you not go doing so in the correct way?? and the fact that prior to our purchasing the house...someone was living there!!!! so needless to say, plans are in effect to tear it down this spring and add to our garden space and build a new, smaller structure to serve as a shop/garden shed.bye-bye classroom!

but i am not giving up on teaching completely independantly...while i enjoy teaching at the LSS...i am looking for more freedom with what and how i teach...i am limited in what i can teach by product they carry and they don't carry some of my favourite manufacturers as well as not being able to use vintage product and i am limited by their procedures.

so i have a few classes or find a space that suits teaching classes out of or BOTH :D!!!

i was asked about online classes, but wasn't sure how to go about it...but i have found a great way to set up an online classroom.

i am checking into some local spaces that i could rent and will have to weigh out all the logistics of that.

either way...i have not given up...yet, lol!!! and will keep you posted about how things progress! keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck!!!


  1. Jessica, I design online courses for my real job so if you have any questions about putting something together don't hesitate to ask :)

  2. Oh, good luck on you my friend! I'm sur you'll find a way to teach.
    I had alot of "homeparty"-classes for ceveral years. It was fun, but After a few years I got tired of all the traveling. So now I just teach in my LSS and online. ;)
    Have a great week

  3. you keep on going girl, you will do great at online classes and real classes (by the way, i did some online classes in the neth. too, so if you need any help or info, i'm here :D).
    by the way: are you the little stinker leaving comments without a name again?? haha. i immediately think it is you girl!

  4. ooo, i would be all over your online classes, that sounds like a great idea!

  5. Hey Jessi, stopping in to say hi and see the classroom update. That sucks! But hey, give me a call or Facebook me, we'll chat.

  6. aw, sorry about the building... i think the same person built parts of my house! LOL.

  7. sorry to hear that :( have u looked into the store here in Innisfail?