Monday, January 26, 2009

good things


* i woke up this morning at 630am...enjoyed leisurely morning tea, a beautiful sunrise...and sleepy eyed children getting roused from bed

*looking forward to the smell of peanut butter cookies baking later this morning

*i love capri's...more especially jeans rolled up to create oversized cuffs and flip flops...yeah even in the middle of winter...

*todays temp -28c with windchill it becomes -39c

*i love soup...thick, warm, hearty soups

*teaching my 3yr old patience is stretching mine

*i am smiling because it's specific's going to be a good day and that makes me smile:)

have a fabulous!


  1. Hello Jessi,
    "top of the mornin' to you!" Great, green blog header - love the type!
    Yip, about the 3 year old. I have an 'almost 4' who lives with me, and ten who are turning three, in my class; so life is pretty full of things like patience, gratitude, sharing, caring; such a fabulous year for growing UP. I am amazed at how much they change in one year ... enjoy!

  2. your list is most excelent! Delight in the day Jessi.

  3. lovin the positive-ness:-) I LOVE jeans rolled up to! And if I could wear flip flops all year I would but my lil toesies get soooo cold!
    ~Tamara Nicole~

  4. first of all I have to say, girl those toenails need painting! secondly, you cananadians are a hardy breed....capris at -39 C. I get chills just thinking about it! how you celebrate everyday moments!

  5. now i'm smiling :)
    you have a way about you jess...a great positive & joyous it :)
    happy day girlie!!!
    p.s...get those toes some sparkles!!!

  6. capris in that cold? and flops? Man you are toughter than me! I am bundled up and it was 36° here!