Thursday, January 8, 2009

good things


i love my view...this is when i LOVE can be so magical

we seem to be flu free...yay!!

haya went to school today...after a long battle with the flu

the best way to drink tea is in a mug with both hands wrapped around it...feeling the warmth

i love special k cinnamon pecan cereal...tastes just like cinnamon toast crunch!

putting into motion plans that have been sitting

hearing the noises of my daughter playing in her bedroom above me

the tick of the grandfather clock standing in the corner

enjoying...that which surrounds you

have a fabulous day!!


  1. Oh, sounds like you have had a really nice day. So happy to hear you are flu free again. :)
    I just got an blog-award from one of my best friends. and because i love your inspiering, beautiful blog I decided to give it to you. Just pop into my blog and you can see it. :)

  2. we have the same view here!! only with a blue crispy sky. yes. we never have this. so so beautiful! and now i'm at the office. bummer.

  3. Hunny...Winter is magical when it goes Ha!

  4. Hunny...Winter is magical when it goes Ha!

  5. I always feel so relaxed after I come to your blog for a visit.
    Have a great day!

  6. glad you are now flu free my friend! :)