Tuesday, January 27, 2009

got apples?

i do...lots and lots of little felt ones!!! i was inspired by a t-shirt and have been making these adorable felt apples to use as embellishments for...well...anything!!!

it started with a hair clip...then a cute little purse...and now it has carried over to OLW and this week's project!!!! lynn chose LIVING and i had so many ideas swirling in my head...and couldn't focus on one! my bestie suggested i go with what i am currently in love with...follow that roll i am on...and man! the ideas started to generate like crazy!
so after being given a quote she found that i loved i created this, a simple little canvas...

and here are the ther projects i did inspired by apples....

made this purse from some white felt,lined with pink army print felt, and ribbon

hailee loves it...she took it to school with her 6yr. old staples...lipgloss and a pup in my pocket!
and here is what started it all....this little girl, her shirt...and the little hair clip i made to match it....

i mean seriously...is that apple t-shirt not the sweetest?? and yeah...i bought solely cuz of those apples and ideas i had swirling in my head, lol!!

and i am not done yet...i am hooked! but on to some kenner road love!!! gigi posted a beautiful post on the kenner road blog and this is my latest creation with the january ruby kit!


  1. Awesome stuff Jess!!
    LOVE, LOVE the layout!!!

  2. Oh, I LOVE all your little apples! SO cute!!

  3. ooooh jess i LOVE it!!!! that t-shirt IS the sweetest! & i love all your little apples...adorable...
    that little purse??!!! omg...how freaking awesome is that! absolute perfection for a little sweet girl's lip gloss & pup :)
    i love popping on over here...you inspire like crazy my friend...

  4. I soooo love all the apple projects...but REALLY REALLY LOVE the canvas and layout! So cool!

  5. LOVE the apples!! My favorite pie too... LOL.