Wednesday, January 21, 2009


laundry - so much to catch up on!! our washer and dryer have been out of commission for the last 4 days as jay worked on that part of basement reno

scrapping - got a tag challenge to complete today :D

basement reno's - our entire basement has been torn apart. what started out as adding in a bunch of wasted space to make our family room bigger has now become a full on basement reno!!! it happened when we realized that the new part of the basement was going to look way better then the old part cuz my husband knows what he is new laundry room, new family here we come!!! we are also extremely glad we decided to pull down all the dry wall...whoever built the current stud walls...dude! we are talking a holmes on homes episode right here!!! and we need new insulation...which is fabulous cuz we discovered GREEN insulation made from recycled and natural materials!!! and ofcourse with any 100 year old home there were some minor leaks that jay has now fixed!! my basement is gonna be so pretty when it's done! hence the washer and dryer being out of commission, lol...late last night jay finished building the new stud wall, putting in inuslation, and vapour barrier...little side note: we uncovered the window that had been dry walled jay framed it out put in proper headers ( i know...i totally feel like i know what i am talking about saying words like stud, header, toenail!!!) so that we can open the window up again. right now the space was inuslated and vapour barriered as well as there is plywood in the place of we will have to replace the window...but we can now do that at our liesure!!!

cookies - i have to make 12 dozen sugar cookies in the sahpe of rocks! my kids are making inukshuk's at school...and i have become known as the cookie mom...oops! o yeah those have to made before friday!

kenner road - kerry lynn has posted kenner road sitings over there and the projects she found around the online galleries are super fab!!! including our OLW girl denise!!!! YAY!! so quick!!! get yourselves a kenner road kit, get a-scrapping, and maybe you will be sited!!!

movies - jay and i had date night on saturday...we went for supper and tried to go to a movie....that part didn't work out as planned!! after supper, by the time we got to the theatre (8pm)...the movies we wanted to see didn't start til 945...seriously?? so we rented some, came home, and curled up on hte couch to watch them. we rented babylon AD ( jay's choice), tropic thunder ( just cuz, lol), eagle eye ( my choice, i know i was surprised too!), and miss pettigrew ( my choice again...not intended to watch with hubby, lol!). so that night we watched tropic thunder...okay....SO not my kind of movie, not on any level! jay watched babylon the next night...i got sucked in by vin diesel...yummy!! and was surprised by it...weird but not bad, lol! we also watched eagle ey that night...DUDE!!!! GOOD MOVIE!!! was so surprised it didn't end up being redundant...and was on the edge of my seat the entire time!!! miss pettigrew...super cute, adorable, looking forward to watching it again, lol!!!

alright...i think that catches us up!! i need to get on my laundry...i am good at starting it...but forgetting about it!!! so have a super fab day!!!!


  1. ditto on redundant rented movies & forgotten laundry that gets re-washed a few times ...
    PS take a peek at Wilna's valentine class, I can't resist, it will be my third one this year; and that's NOT because she's a countrywoman of mine!

  2. I love your blog and enjoy the ideas you share with everyone, I just have trouble reading the yellow print.. would love a print that is a little darker..have a great week

  3. you didn't like tropic thunder??!!! lol! i warned you it was insane...but tom cruise & robert downey...omg...STILL laughing @ them..

  4. you didn't like tropic thunder??!!! lol! i warned you it was insane...but tom cruise & robert downey...omg...STILL laughing @ them..

  5. man, i think i forgot what a date night is! LOL. We need to get one in soon!! Glad yours was fun, and I would rather watch a movie at home anyway!!