Saturday, January 17, 2009

weekend art

i had a few minutes to sit down and scrap today...before date night:D!!! my inspiration was what the KR girls did last month with the negative piece of the butterfly die cut had to try my own version of it!!! this is what i did...
feeling creative these days...pages are coming together quickly, and thoughts are translating perfectly into that!!

have a fab saturday!!


  1. Your LO is SO beautiful!! So good you are in a creative flow :)

  2. fabulous girl, love it when that happens right??

  3. I love this layout...already thinking of what to do with my sheet once my butterfly's are gone! Congrats on the Kenner Road design team Jessi!! You so deserve it, your work inspires me I am glad you are in the flow cuz then I get more to admire!

  4. Oops! I missed your KR news, great stuff! (Been away a bit).
    Those negative buuterflies are a tremendous silhouette!
    P.S. I am travelling 20 miles less daily, from today and haved recycled tall PILES of paper already, as my 2009 green revolution continues ... feels great!

  5. excellent Jessi! :) Hope date night went well!!