Tuesday, February 17, 2009

better late then never continued...

after receiving my kenner road kit on friday....
and alberta heading into not just valentines but a long weekend (family day on monday)
i managed to steal some time to create some stuff for kenner road...fun stuff!!!
wanna see???
o thie things a girl will do for a LO...my sunporch has become my fave photo area...but here in alberta...it's freakin cold at this time of year!!
but...i had this fab idea...so i shaved my legs ( only to mid shin tho, shhhhhhhh!!!), rolled up my jeans, and put on my fave pairs of shoes....with jay laying down on that cold sunporch floor to get THE perfect shot of my ankles and shoes to mirror the adorable ones from the elements sheet in the kit.
YUP!!! but seriously...it's shoes!!!!
LOVED the vintage bobbins in the kit...didn't want to do anything but leave sitting on my living room shelf...but i decided that turning them into photo/note holders would be super cute!!
a quickie and fun LO!!!
and i made these fridge magnets with the alpha paper in the kit for miss d who will be starting preschool in september....she loves them...so do i!!!

have a fabulous tuesday!


  1. all your projects are SO awesome, jessi!
    Love the shoe layout. Love the story behind it too.... :D
    Love the bobbin-photoholders, think I must copy that one when my kennerRoad-kit arrives. :)
    Have a great day.

  2. Love the edginess to these projects! The cloud layout is the best. It's cold here in Montana to but spring is just around the corner (hopefully!)
    so glad you are taking Dina's class!!

  3. Love the shoe layout! what fun! I think one day I really need to do a purse layout...cuz that's so me and purses!