Monday, February 23, 2009

daily creative.

so lately i have been reminded to take more time...more time with my kids, more time for i love you's, and more time for moments.

in an attempt to keep delainey occupied...instead of the tv occupying her time while i play onthe pc, lol...we have been crafting. she is always wanting to make me something or scrapbook with me ( this usually consists of her cutting of pieces of paper into tiny shapes and gluing them to another sheet of paper, lol)...i decided that since she is showing such an active interest in wanting to create that i would start giving her something more productive to do...

we started off with....popsicle flowers. super simple and dude! totally occupies her!!! she dove into my scraps stash...used my retro flower punch all by her "own self" and punched out flowers and then glued them to popsicle sticks she had coloured green. she has been making them and giving them like crazy.

then we moved onto clothespin dolls....super easy...and wouldn't you know it?? but she plays with them just as much as her "real" dolls. huh!

and today...well she has a collection of plastic animals....giraffe, elephant, tiger, etc. so we created a "scene" for them...i cut and she helped glue everything down...


dakota and haillee liked it so much they added a bridge, lol!! it's been fun!!


  1. such an awesome time to share daily creative

  2. awww! so fantastic!!
    go little miss d!!!!

  3. this is wonderful Jessi! This time goes by so fast.

  4. What fun ... some good ideas there! Have a great day Jessi!

  5. you is a much good mama
    for sure