Wednesday, February 25, 2009


do you see what i see??

most likely we all see so differently...

but what do you see when you stop looking and really pay attention??

so go check out word choice this go this word!

i am taking dina's art journaling new directions and new things...and this class delivers...

so with some of the things i learned in the first class and a word i love...i created an journaling piece.


i struggle with self confidence and esteem...and since dina suggested the use of a seemed fitting to juxtapose the silhouette to myself...

the silhouette is hand drawn and then cut out...i used to think i was going to be a fashion designer. so this is the silhoutte i used to draw all my designs on. all good runway models, lol. i am really looking forward to seeing what this class brings out. it has already made me bust out my pencils and draw something i haven't since has taken me to some new levels with acrylics and transfers...loving the journey!

the piece was created on an old envelope our bank statement came in. i created this one too, on an old bank envelope as well...this was my first piece...


so in love with this gel photo transfer technique!! such a cool look and cannot wait to use it more!!

some more kenner road love...


and i thought i would show off my new temporary space while our basement is under construction...i have relocated to my living works well for now...



i LOVE vintage windows...totally versatile in reusing...i have one in my kitchen i use as our weekly to do calendar. the 9 pane one i use as a creative to do dry erase. and a window frame without glass is just as useful...i had intended to fill the 4 paned one with fabric covered cork and turn it into a cork board...but for right now it makes a fab shelf for paint, glimmer mists, and it!

hope you have a fab and creative day!


  1. Beautiful art Jessi ... it's sp good to take those kind of courses to grow (in so many ways). Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. i'm in LOVE with your painting skills girly!! wowza. you are fabulous. i need to do that workshop!!

  3. good grief, i need to be taking dina's class. wowzers.

  4. dry erase windows...clever. I see you have a bit of a glimmer mist addiction...that's okay,I think there's a support group for that! *wink

  5. you are my creative genius inspiration...
    amazing art my friend (& i will tell you that a million times more too :)
    & i love your creative space! that window idea is awesome!! really are my creative genius inspiration :)

  6. WOW! Your paintings are awesome!!!
    Love the vitage windows in your scrap-space too. :)

  7. LOVE it! Might have to go and check out that class...Looks awesome!

  8. gorgeous pieces Jessi. I have a thing for old windows to and made my husband crazy when I packed them up and moved them from Connecticut to Montana. your space looks lovely!

  9. your 102 pages are amazing jessi
    absolutely LOVE them!!!
    and the windowpane dry erase idea

  10. hello??? I LOVE the repurposed windows! You are awesome. Move here... please. I am just asking... LOL :)