Thursday, February 5, 2009

welcoming summer

not the matter how much i wish for it...winter seems to be here for a bit longer!! so instead we are welcoming summer...our new pup...okay not so much a pup...she's 3...but she's adorable!!! she's a weimaraner and we stole her from my sister :D ( with her consent of course, lol!!).

oakley and her are fab friends already and the rest of the family...well, we love her!!!

she thinks she's a lap dog...she's not big...but not lap dog size that's for sure, lol!!

also...i have a new blog, the inked barn, dedicated to my classes so make sure you bookmark it ;)!!!

off to get some errands done!
have a fabulous day!


  1. Oh, she is SO cute! Congrats on your new "pup" :)
    And congrats on your new blog!!
    I have started one too with some friends.....actually the blog has existed for 6 months...but you know....time flies..... Think it'll be up and running tomorrow.... or next week....LOL
    Have a great weekend!!
    Big hug

  2. your summer is gorgeous - they have the best coats!!!
    Also, so happy to hear the news of your inked barn, Go Jessi.

  3. Awww, what a precious girl.
    Your boy is goin' have so much fun having a new playmate in the house:)

  4. she is the sweetest! good luck with the new blog Jessi, I am sure it will be a success!