Tuesday, March 3, 2009

creative bliss.

that is how i feel lately...from one creative thing to the next...playing, exploring, creating.
love that.
scrappy, crafty, artsy....doesn't matter...
as long as i am doing.

to add to my creative bliss...i was invited to be a part of the just cre8 creative crew. super stoked to be a part of such a fabulous canadian site and to work with some amazingly fabulous creative talent.
i can't wait to get my first kit and dig in and i can't wait to get to know these girls better!!!
you can check out the 2009 creative crew here.

so on my agenda this week, while waiting for both my kenner road and just cre8 kits, i am hoping to finish up some crafty projects i have on the go.
2 aprons waiting to be finished for my girls
some clever handbag ideas i want to dive in and try
an art smock...got a cool idea:D
more delving into dina's art journaling class
to start with anyway....lol
just finished up a fun project....a tote made out of a felted wool sweater and an adorable felted wool scarf ( the idea for the scarf came from martha stewart)



cute huh?? saw the tote bag idea in country living...my all time fave magazine! i added to hearts to the front to serve as pockets....
not sure if i am going to keep the scarf ( the scarf looks adorable on!!!) and tote...
i have been stashing away a lot of my latest creations for gifts for...wait for it....christmas!! I KNOW!!!
i do have 5 RAK's to send out from national RAK week...
either way...so much fun to make...love the end result...
and my girls are requesting the scarf....they love that it's made from hearts :)
another way to "wrap" my love around them :P:D

have a fabulous day!


  1. OMG!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that scarf and I am a BAG FREAK! It's a good thing you live where you do and I am all the way over here on the East Coast because I would be muggin' ya for BOTH of those! FAB results on the crafty projects, Girlie!!

  2. The scarf is all kinds of adorable!! Happy crafting!

  3. Congratulations on making the JC8 DT, Jessi!! I was so thrilled (& totally not surprised!!) to see your name on the list!
    Way to go!! Can't wait to see what you create with their kits!
    Cool scarf and bag, too.
    I made some mittens at Xmas time using felted wool sweaters (I got the idea from Martha Stewart, too!)
    Take care.

  4. CONGRATS on J8....you so deserve it! I love love love that scarf & bag. You know my address ;-)

  5. So proud of you Jessi! That's awesome! Sounds like you are having a wonderful crafty week! Kim

  6. Wow! You are on fire! congratulations on
    JC8, well deserved.

  7. Very cute scarf, i love your window too is that material behind it? I think i must do that for my house.