Monday, March 23, 2009

good things

my creative calendar is full of creative projects due in the coming weeks :)

i have been walking everywhere instead of driving.

i tried tempting spring by buying an adorable yellow and white floral backfired a bit, as we got a HUGE dump of snow...*sigh* comes to me knees. but hey! i still have that dress and isn't it cute?? it's from old navy :)

i found an amazing recipe for peanut butter and jam "sandwich" muffins.

i have been working out 5 days a week for 3 weeks and loving it!!!

i am going to try a new hobby...yeah cuz i needed another one :) altered and recycled jewelery making. i love jewelery and have been making some scrappy inspired pieces...want to move onto revamping old junk :)

my husband is home today...his truck won't start, he thinks it's his starter (i think the world is trying to tell us something, LOL)

my dayhome ad goes live in our town paper tomorrow and i am all set up and good to go.

i have found a new cooking show i LOVE...and he is canadian and lives in PEI. LOVE chef at home.

happy monday!


  1. I love Chef at Home. I want his kitchen and that awesome pantry.
    Looking forward to seeing the results of your new hobby!
    Sorry about the snow :(

  2. I really enjoy CHEF at Home too ... his food looks SO SO yummy!
    Have a great day Jessi!

  3. CUTE dress....can't wait to see it on you! How were the muffins?

  4. i NEED that dress girl. seriously. and how on earth can you find time to work out 5 times a week? what are you? superwoman? close huh?
    love ya, when are you moving to Holland again??