Wednesday, March 11, 2009


coming. going. doing.
word up over at OLW. gi's her word. love her post. beautiful, meaningful, real, honest. her word inspired this...

diving into dina's it. it's releasing the inner artist i had long forgot about. missed her.
journaling is random, all over...but real.

teaching my last multiple intelligence class at the kids''s been so much fun being a part of this. love watching the kids create. i taught a scrapbook class. we are making all about me paper bag albums. so fun.

still dealing with a lot of germs and bugs. strep was rampant thru our house. haillee has been sick non stop since her sinus infection. she was tested for allergies...specificallt pet allergies. looking forward to having a healthy house again.

with sad and heavy hearts we have to say good bye to our pets. haillee is allergic to dogs and cats. we have said good bye to both summer and oakley now. that has been tough for the kids...mostly for my son. still looking for a home for the eli, our cat.

still waiting on kits. hoping, praying, begging that they come today.

been cleaning and purging the house. looking forward to going top to bottom to clean up all the pet hair and dander.

it's -44c here today. definitely ready for the warmer weather.

have a fabulous day!


  1. oh that must be so hard for the kids
    but i hope it helps hailee stay well :)
    still crossing fingers
    and cursing the can post under my breath!

  2. oh jessi you are amazing...unbelievably amazing...when i saw your art journal page it caught my are such a true & unbelievable artist & from where i sit i can see you truly finding your groove & your artistic is beautiful & so very inspiring to see :)
    & i'm so sorry to hear @ the must be so hard on everyone...hugs sweetie :)

  3. A lovely real piece of art. That sucks about the pets ... but a healthy house is a good house. Have a good day ... and stay warm! Looking forward to spring!

  4. your art page is AMAZINGLY. you are sooo good with words, with paint, with stuff. girl, come live in my house PALEASE!!
    sorry about the pets. Arjan is allergic too, so we don't get started with them, but it must be even harder to say goodbye now. hope you find a nice home soon.
    and you rock teaching a sb class at school!

  5. Your Artjournal-pages are SO, SO Beautiful!!
    So sorry for you saying goodbye to your pets...It is hard - hope hailee will get better.
    Big hugs

  6. Your page is striking!!
    Hope your all better soon
    hugs from me too :)