Tuesday, March 10, 2009


on kits!!! some days the canadian postal service seems really slow!! keeping my fingers crossed that today is the day that i get both kenner road and just cre8 kits. both promise to be delicious!!
kenner road....
Kenner road

as soon as i get it...i get to work with not only the main...but the lovely vintage add on kit!!! so can't wait!!!
since i don't have any sneaks to share with you....here are kerry lynn's sneaks...don't they look fab??
can't wait to see the entire project!!


i think i should go thru photo's today and get a whole stack printed off...i have been procrastinating on this for a long time...a loooooooooooooong time...i need to go back thru everything from septempber on!!!

it's -33c today...it would be a fab day to get creative with a kit!!!
alright...off to start on the photo task...have a fab day!


  1. Brrr ... I'm ready for spring! Hoping the postal service comes through for you =)
    Have a great day!

  2. They look like so much fun! Yep It is great day to stay inside and Scrap! Have a good one Jessi!

  3. hoping you get your kits today!
    & i'm absolutely in the same boat as you w/ the photos...here's hoping the 2 of us get a stack printed :)

  4. Wasn't it flippin' cold today. Geesshhhh, spring could show up .. ANY DAY!!!
    Here is hopin' you have a happy mail day, Jessi.