Tuesday, April 14, 2009

for jude...

my dear jude,

i hope this letter finds you and your family well. in a previous correspondence you asked about the snow you saw in a photo. i thought i would clarify...that yes...yes, that was snow. here in alberta we are still fighting the claws that winter still seems to have upon us.

she likes to tease us...play with us. rail on us her cold breath. but we will prevail....i promise you...we will eventually see spring and her pretty face on a permanent base. but sadly, as i write this letter....spring has been taken hostage once again. she was here....briefly, showing us her warmth and kindness. lightening our world and taking away the snow the wicked ice queen had left.

but alas! that wicked and cold queen has wreaked her revenge and made us all pay for spring's early appearance. we are preparing and expecting the battle of all battles to settle this dispute once and for all but fear it may take it's toll...and that us albertans will be the ones to suffer while the 2 season's battle each other.

after a beautiful week or warm and sunny spring...we awoke this morning to see just how far reaching winter and her evil grasp can be...i have enclosed a photo with this letter as proof of our suffering....
that yes indeed, what you saw previously was snow....but nothing compared to what we face today.

we are pleading desperately to see an end to this war....but,  *sigh*...the fight continues! please think of us, albertans, kindly in the coming days and weeks and pray for the release of our spring.

your shivering friend



  1. awesome post Jessi! So funny! Have a great wintery day! Hope it won't last!

  2. Oh MY WORD!!!!!!!!!!! I am ROFLOL... I am so sorry that evil winter wench has dumped her white flakes of spite yet again! :(
    Hang in there, sun is on the way!!! (You could also come visit friends in warmer climates... just an idea! ;)
    Hang in there, I am sending you some pretty polish for those toes, i know they are dying to be in flip flops!

  3. I'm also in Alberta and didn't appreciate that snow that surprised us on Easter Monday! The weekend was so beautifulthat it began to lull me into a false hope...and then Monday...errr...or should I say brrr....