Friday, April 3, 2009


i love fridays....
love wrapping up the week....
love heading into the weekend for family time.

kids start spring break tomorrow...lots of easter crafting planned
weather is starting to warm and's a mucky mess out there right now
i am at the point where i love working out and it feels weird not that
i pigged out on pizza with the family last night and i don't feel any guilt :)
we our going to the our first BBQ of  the year at a friends house tomorrow
i get some alone time are going to watch a movie at a friend's house
i am looking forward to watching a new tv show on the food network...the 100 mile diet :)
yahoo messenger hates me and my computer
i have some fun crafty ideas in my head that i can't wait to put into action...think spring!!
i am listening to billy joel's "and so it goes" right now...reminds me of my gramma:)

i am leaving you to go work out, have a shower, and then make stuff with miss d.
have a fabulous and beautiful friday :)

ps. i am now listening to kira wiley's "colours" song and that song. it's going to be a good day....i am purple and white today:)

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