Wednesday, April 8, 2009

our new baby + olw

powerful baby :)
i LOVE my new truck!!!






and just so you can see how BIG this truck really comparison to my 5'4 self, anyway, lol....

isn't it pretty?? it drives so nice...i seriously can't tell i am driving a truck!!!
alright...i will stop talking about my truck...
let's get on to some easter stuff....

just something to break the winter tedium...decided i needed to bring spring in...there will be a tutorial posted on the just cre8 blog this weekend...look for it!!!

coloured our easter eggs last night...tonight we gather THE perfect branch and will add some ribbon and beads to hang our eggs off the branch...which will be potted in something cute :)

and.....some OLW goodness!!!! denise picked such a simply profound word...NO...but i decided to use it in a fun way...and went digi, playing with karla's new kit ( hasn't been released yet and i was so excited to use it i forgot that i was supposed to wait to post anything!!!) but she gave me the go her colour my world will soon be available at after 5 designs. other elements used in this LO are from karla's essentials kit #3 and the carboard background is from camila designs...all from a5d

NO grey skies

have a fabulous wednesday!!


  1. n-iiiiice!!!
    Bring it up North for a drive :)
    Happy Hump Day Jess:)

  2. you do look so little next to that big truck! Happy Easter Jessi!

  3. hooray for the new truck!! looks awesome!!! LOVE the are going to be STYLIN' in that bad boy!!
    & the wreath is so pretty!
    & i love your olw l/ the rainbow w/ the polka dot butterflies..i may just need that kit!

  4. Hey Jessi!! Its been far too long! How was your hump day? Love the OLW word! Its just too fabulous, how everyone interpreted using the word. I still cant think of anything other then NO dont do that! haha Great challenge!! Envious of your beautiful truck. Cant lie, its just too gorgeous! Congrats!! :) You enjoying the view from high up while driving?

  5. love your truck Jess. It looked just like our 2001 that Jon wrote off in December. We have a 2008 and it isn't near as nice as our old one. Enjoy! Come see us up in the Park and we can go for some shopping!

  6. ok, is that snow on the ground with your awesome new truck????