Monday, April 20, 2009

rag curls and ballet shoes

it was a busy weekend!!! with a busy week leading up to this weekend past!!!
kenner road's reveal, just cre8's reveal....
dance festivals starting on friday
birthday parties
and a new bedroom face lift!

so let's get started!!! friday saw haillee's first dance we decided to do rag curls this year. my curling iron decided to short on me...and as most of you know, i have a really hard time with plastic so didn't want to purchase curlers. so rags it was!!! super easy and man! the curl!!! delainey decided that she too needed curly hair....
Dainey curls
adorable huh?? so off to the dance festival we go friday morning....
Haya dance
my little audrey hepburn! her group did so well friday, despite their nerves and a few bumps in the performance....they were awarded high silver!i

friday night showed me that we were sadly lacking on baggage for these we hit wal-mart to check out make up bags and garment bags...unfortunately...i am picky!! we found one garment bag...and it was perfect as it folded in half and had a strap for carrying...but it was boring black and fifty dollars. so crazy me...decided i didn't have enough to do...we went and checked out fabric. why??
O! because i sew...and how hard can it be to make a custom garment bag??? so haillee picked out some heavy denim weight cotton and voila.....
Dance bag2
Dance bag
a folding garment bag!! and it was easy....i made a pattern, cut our fabric, sewed in a hanger loop, hanging loop, and shoulder strap....2 hours! it will be quicker next go around as i know what i am doing now :) haillee loves it!!! and see that adorable felt daisy hanging off the strap?? gudrun made and sent me that adorable flower...haillee decided the perfect place for it was on her garment bag!!! we also now have a place to to keep the medals she earns!

so saturday we were completely organized with cute baggage and off to another dance festival in stettler. haillee and her group so AMAZING this time and were awarded A-first!!! so proud of her and her group!!! but i was taken out with a migraine...ugh!!!

took all day sunday to recover!! but i won't bore you with those details ;)
some just cre8 goodness to share!!

this 4x4 canvas will be a tutorial in the illustr8 section at just cre8!!!
you can check out the rest of my creations in the gallery.

and lastly...i played along with the CCG challenge, super fun....
Dear to me

and now i am off to do some more painting in that bedroom face lift i mentioned!!! haillee is moving downstairs...doesn't want to share a room with her baby sister anymore!! so we are trying to make it more then just a basement bedroom for her to help with the move!! the theme : garden fairies.

have a fabulous's beautiful and sunny and WARM today!!!


  1. I love all your layout!! They are wonderful!

  2. Your girls are ADORABLE!! I am still amazed you MADE a garment bag. And your talent .... unreal. Great stuff. Enjoy your painting - though a bathroom can be a let down :) Faeries are fab though, I did that with Chloe's room in the old house. Very fun :)

  3. You are a freakin' INSPIRATION girlfriend! As as a crafter, a blogger and mother! Love it!

  4. can't wait to see the garden fairies room ... i know all about the dancing scene, its full on - my girls have dance competitions coming up (deep breaths)
    luv chanel

  5. You SERIOUSLY B.L.O.W. M.Y. M.I.N.D.!!!
    SO SO SO talented! Love that you just whipped up a garment bag and-and-and can I scrap like you when I grow up??? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!???
    Miss ya, Chickie!