Thursday, May 28, 2009

comes with a story

have no idea what that story is....but it's there. lurking. breathing life into old objects. fueling the imagination...but either way this beautiful old toolbox has a story or two...and now i will add to it's storybook by giving it a new one....this is will become a planter it!


my mom took down a fence at one of the apartment buildings she manages...not sure how long those have been many people they have seen come and go...but they are getting new life in our garden....some of them were turned into a gardener's bench for me, some of them became the boxes to raise my veggie beds, and some of them have become planked sidewalks that go around my garden boxes. they have so many more tales to tell!!


(excuse the grubby gardener, lol....jay likes to take horrible pics of me on really bad angles:) )but you can see one of the boxes, the gardener's bench and the start of the planked sidewalk...sort of, lol! there are 2 more boxes on the other side.

and story three...beautiful, weathered, old driftwood collected from one of the local lakes....we used it last year to build the fence you see....this year we added and build an archway over the entrance of the pic of that one finished yet...but's it's pretty :)and now my garden is all cleaned up with no miscellaneous boards and tools hanging around like in the pic above!!

moving on to more creative goodness....of the scrapping kind :)

kenner road is having ANOTHER giveaway!! I KNOW!!! kerry lynn is giving away the sold out "all in a row" kit to one lucky person. all you have to do is play along with our sketch challenge!!! go here for more details!!! my take on the sketch...

Today you 

another little kenner road kit goodie.....i love signs!!! so much fun to make and give away!!


so much more to share...but i am sure you all have stuff to do today!! so i am enjoy our beautiful weather and get some scrapping in maybe!!!

have a fabulous day!



  1. ooooh AWESOME!!!!!!
    love your garden! can't wait to see piccies of it all prettied up & in it's summer glory :)
    & LOVE your take on the sketch...LOVE!! & that sign...good gracious it is gorgeous!!! inspiring today aren't you ms. jessi!
    (love the new profile too :)

  2. Glad your garden is going well... I have mine in and cannot wait to start eatng up the goodies!! :) I even have a home made trellis in mind for cukes, and I thought of you when I was coming up with it... it will be all found object, eco friendly Jessi goodness... IF it works! LOL. ;)

  3. wauwww love the things you make.And your garden needs the time to grow and clow.

  4. I love old things - so good when they can get a new life :)
    your blog is so beautiful and inspiring. LOVE to pop by and soak in the beauty of the photos and layouts and artworks you share.
    Thank you my friend. :)

  5. how cute is that new profile pic? and look at you in the garden! you look mighty cute to me! ha. Go Jay ;P. and that layout rocks beyond words, as does the sign! you are goooood girl. now get out those crochet hooks :D