Thursday, May 7, 2009



two years...OLW has been bringing you challenges for TWO's hard to believe!!! we are having a big bash over on the OLW blog!! 8 kits, 8 winners, and lots of doors prizes!! the creative team put together a kit each that reflects themselves....some fab kits!!!!

reclaimed follows my passion for reclaimed goodness!! this is a mini album project kit and the mini album is handmade b me using all sorts of bits and pieces that are usually thrown out....wanna see it closer???
060 062 063

064 066 067
068 069 071
cute huh??? my kit has some other fun little goodies....some gasket tags and pressure dial labels! jay is awesome...comes across all manner of cool stuff in his job and being the good boy he is, ALWAYS asks me if i can use first before throwing it out!!! i think he is kind of floored that i can using plumbing things for scrapping, lol!!!

alright....i have been holding on some scrappy goodness...been kind lazy about taking photo's and whatnot. so this is what i have been doing over the last couple of weeks....
using the just cre8 may kit. then i dug into all my past kenner road kits and mixed it all up!!
want the story behind this LO??? of course you husband LOVES to get a reaction out of people. the person he loves to most bug is me...go figure!!! about 5 years ago jay grew a goatee and i loved it. but then i love that rough 5 o'clock shadow thing on guys...yummy!!! BUT! every now and then jay gets it into his head to shave!!! and no it's not a nice clean up of the goatee kind of shave....sometimes he shaves clean...ugh!! sometimes he gets creative and shaves a new kind of moustache, goatee, etc. o yes! i have seen it all....including a porn stash!!! this time i got bad sideburns and the handlebar...he looks like someone named earl...dude!!! and all of this...just to get a reaction out of me...he thinks he's hilarious!!!

Pub sign

alright...i am off to do some laundry and scrap today!!! i might even get my bottom in gear and go for a walk to the park with miss d!!!
have a fabulous day everyone!


  1. hahahaha you (or actually Jay) are/is hilarious with that goatee/pornstar etc mustache! ROFLOL!
    and your work is stunning girl, so stunning. every bit and piece of it. and by the way, send the mini to me right away. no need to put that in the already FULL kit!

  2. beautiful work as always. So love the reclaimed mini! A brilliant mini. Tell EARL I said hello!

  3. um.....W.O.W.!!!!!
    you've been a busy bee! LOVE your mix-a-lot awesome...especially the ones w/ all the hearts...LOVE that are so good at this crafty thing, ya know :)

  4. i love a woman who tells her husband he sucks on a LO... too funny! :)

  5. I admire ur creations!! Such fresh creations!! Love ur mini album too. Awesome idea to go green!!