Thursday, June 25, 2009

my garden

i love my grows beautiful veggies. so can't wait to to gather all the veg!!
remember the reclaimed fence boards??? they also became a boardwalk around my raised garden boxes...pretty huh?? still have a some walk to add....but we need more fence boards, lol!

and this year we finally added the driftwood arch to the entrance of our garden....need to make another trip to get some driftwood so we can finish the top of the arch...but you get the idea....

and yard is a tad's all's what happens when you are constantly designing and re-designing a hundred yr old home and garden :)


  1. Jessi! LOVE your arch! (and digging the new AV!!) I miss chit chatting with ya, Girlie! maybe we can 'catch up' next week!(HUGS!)

  2. FANTASTIC! I admire anyone who can make anything grow :) Love the barnboard walkway. Great idea. Enjoy the veggies of your labour.

  3. Those driftwood fences are lovely - AND I enjoyed the wilbury's music too!!!

  4. love the rustic look of your garden jess! Awesome!

  5. I LOVE the driftwood!! I finally got my first garden yield of the year... fice little cukes! :) I think I going to have to replant my yellow squash and a few pepper plants, we had so much rain earlier in June it just did them in! :(