Monday, July 27, 2009

art is in the family


 yup! one of my favourite memories is from a family vacation. we spent a summer in lake meota saskatchewan. in a quaint little cabin. we spent our days at the lake, watching thunderstorms from a sunporch, and just hanging.what's this got to do with art?? well my auntie val joined us for some of that holiday. one rainy day we all sat around the big dining table with all sorts of crayons and blank paper....drawing. she create a portrait of me out of all colours of crayons....which i still have tucked away. he art pieces and creations have always been a part of my childhood as my mom had a few that were always hanging in whatever home we lived in.

well my aunt in the last several years has really dove into art again!! creating, once again, some amazing collage abstract pieces that just stir the imagination. she and a life long friend have opened a little art gallery in comox valley, south hollow art studio and gallery...and it's just beautiful! if you are local check it out!!! and if you're not local...well you might not get to meet the artists...but you can still check out their work online :) these are some of the photographs my aunt has available in her gallery admist her other mixed media pieces.

Redmaple Crow

so, go get lost in a beautiful world of art and have a fabulous week!

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