Wednesday, July 15, 2009

o the things you can do!

or create!!! kenner road reveal was last night....omgosh....amazing gallery!!! i know i say that each's true!!! and if they aren't sold out need to get your hands on one or all of the kits...most especially the embellishment kit, sweetwater!!! DIVINE!!!








and we have word up!!! much power in 3 little letters. mine is very personal and deep for me. i did it about my struggles with my faith and belief in God. from past to present. youthful mistakes and experiences had me really questioning his existence. i didn't create this LO for any kind of controversy or for anyone to get on a soapboax and expound to me their beliefs in God....this is about my personal journey with Him....and all of you who believe in God will understand just how personal that journey can be.


my apologies to zva....the amazing company that spnosored us for this word. i was under the impression it was the next that was making use of their there is none on this LO. however, i do plan on making another project for this word (hopefully today :) ) that uses and showcases the wonderful embellishments they sent me. to another full day of creating, dayhome, parks, cleaning...and this week a camper to pack and prepare for another BMX provincial weekend!!

have a fabulous day!!!


  1. You are SO amazing Jessi. All your LOs are the most beautiful - I just had to take a second and run over to KR to phurcase this kit....and then get back here to tell you I LOVE your LOs. The one or OLW is absolutely gorgeous - I love your heartfelt hand-journaling and the picture of you.
    ave a wonderful evening.

  2. what a beautiful piece of yourself in a layout. it is a personal journey and i thank you for sharing it all with us. Sometimes it is hard to expose yourself... i am glad you did so we can all contemplate our personal journeys.

  3. Whew! This is a tribute, to who you are and who HE is. I'm happy for you.

  4. your words are so powerful sweets, so happy to call you my sweet friend!! gorgeous gorgeous work, and LOVE that family shot of the 5 of you!!

  5. love what you did with this kit Jessi and your why layout is truly beautiful.

  6. Wow Jess. These are all great work, I love the house LO, that is so cool. I was literally brought to tears over your WHY Lo... you put into words what so many feel... amazing. I want to write it down and read it again and again...

  7. Hi, my first visit..just had to let you your scraps :)

  8. Just had to come to your blog from the KR gallery and tell you how INSPIRED I am by your work! Wow, the Home and Prince Charming layouts are blowing my mind...I just love them and can't help looking at their artistry over and over...kudos to you, and thanks so much for sharing! :)