Tuesday, August 25, 2009


from the most refreshing and fabulous holiday!!! our journey to vancouver island was pure bliss...it was so amazing to show the kids where i grew up...watch them do the things that i did as a little girl...to hear them discover so many new things....yeah, it was great!!! i took a 1000+ photo's...so be patient...i promise to share...i just have to go thru them and see what i have....but i will leave with a few that i do know are faves already....







just a little glance at the first part of our holiday...we stayed in victoria for 3 days....heaven!!!!

will share the other half later this week!!!

it was tough coming home...the island was everything i rememebred and more...it's changed a bit...but the vibe...the underlying current and the beauty are all there...just as i remembered...coming home to our house in alberta felt alien...i miss my island...my oceans...my mountains....

but we will be going back...soon...and possibly permanently...yeah...my family LOVED it that much...how could they not??

have a fabulous day!!!


  1. Welcome home!!
    Good to see you had such a wonderful vacation! GREAT pics!
    I want to thank you for sending me the mini from 2 years OLW!! I LOVE IT!!!

  2. ok you showed me how many yesterday yet the only i have seen in this list is that gorgeous one of you. Tell Haillee to stop!!!!!

  3. WElcome home Jessi!
    Glad to hear you had a wonderful vacation filled with lots of fun filled memories for your family.
    Can't wait to see more pictures.:)

  4. girl, i wanna move there with you!! IT'S STUNNING. and so are you, hot momma on the beach!!