Thursday, August 13, 2009

o the joy!

i am off tomorrow for a long overdue holiday with my family!!! we are headed to vancouver island for 9 days.

9 days of bliss....9 days of ocean and mountains...9 days to revisit my childhood compare and see the changes and relate things from child to adult....o i am so excited!!! i haven't been home in 10 years!!!!

but before i go...i wanted to sahre a few sneaks with you......kenner road reveals tomorrow at 10pm MTN time. you are gonna LOVE this month's kit....i promise!!!




tantalizing, huh?? but you can be patient til tomorrow, right??? well, you're gonna have to be...i can't show you anymore til then!!!

so have a fabulous friday!!! don't forget about the kenner road chat tomorrow too...8pm make sure you check the kenner road homemapge for the link to the chat!!!!

1 comment:

  1. have a fabulous time back 'home'girl!! you'll have fun! sneaks look yum yum!!