Monday, September 21, 2009

feeling honoured

i am this weeks guest designer over at scrap idees...a french sketch site!!! and i am feeling a bit awed that scrappers over in france love what i do enough to ask me to be a part of what they do :)


merci tres beaucoup!!! je suis honore et suis ravi!!! (mes apologies d'aucun accent ou ils devraient etre :D)

i was asked to design a sketch and create a LO for the scrap idees blog....check it out!!!

Best friend sketch

Best friend

but you have to go and check out what the talented designers over there did with the sketch i designed!!! way too cool!!!


  1. thanks! we love what you do, really! keep in touch! you're in our bloglines then we can follow your work without trouble! paloma1815

  2. love it! and i bet they are honored to have you my friend!!!!!

  3. Jessi!! woohoo! That is a fabulous honor!
    Congrats to you!! Off to check out the link! Miss ya, Girl! (HUGS)

  4. wait a minute... french one week, norwegian the next!?!?! You have gone international!!!

  5. LOL...i's totally weird!!!!
    it was fun!!!
    it's been so long since we chatted!!! i have a hard time following blogs...i
    suck at it, lol!!
    how are things??
    miss the online scrap nights!!!
    On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 8:37 AM, wrote:

  6. Merci pour ce sketch, il m'a bien inspiré, j'ai mis ma page sur mon blog: