Wednesday, September 23, 2009


i feeling pretty overwhelmed and loved right now! i was asked to be the guest designer for skissadilla, a norwegian sketch site, this week too...and my apologies to them for my getting my dates mixed up, resulting in my publishing this post late!!!

so i was asked to create a sketch and a LO for them as well!!! and the skissadilla girls did some pretty cool things with the sketch i designed!! so go check it out...there is also a little prize pkg up for grabs for playing along with my sketch courtesy of me for this week!!! so go check it out!!!

Simply sketch

Simply me

and of course...we can't forget about OLW!!! karla's choice in words this round...OPEN. at first i was totally stumped...really?? open?? what kind of word is that?? but you know?? it's an amazing word for of very positive things...and came up with my own little phrase to use on my layout....


quote by me reads: when you open your mind to the possibilities that exist-you are no longer dreaming but living your dreams. and when you live your dreams- you are open to life and all it has to offer you.

figured it was fitting for the accomplishments dakota made while at lethbridge for his bmx finals 2 weeks ago...but it is fitting for so many more things in life too....

what are you open to??


  1. beautiful words Jessi! I am open to a strong cup of tea and a homemade cookie while reading 20 minutes of me time today!

  2. Your LOs are SO beautiful, Jessi! And how cool is that, you are the guest over at skissedilla!! Need to run over and check it all out. :)
    have a great weekend.

  3. Great sketch and your work!

  4. congrats on the sketch gig Jessi!! That is awesome! :) And your lo is great! :)

  5. Well being my actual first time looking through your stuff, Jess. It's great to see you have an inner passion for creating such pleasantries and continuing on in what makes you happy. Most people live their lives not doing the things that make them happy and often can become bitter in how it ends. ^.~ Your brother, I have come to offer my Congrats on your creative accomplishments and keep it up.
    Still working on the favs... I’ll figure this out, would be nice if you waited for when I get back from next planned trip to Marrakech. I want to climb those high Atlas mountains from Imlil :D. Plus I’ll have more pics :p

  6. Wow! Jessi, I just happened upon your site from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's site. I'm loving your artful style. Thanks for such great inspiration. I'm adding your blog to my list of favorites! Can't wait to see what you create next!!

  7. Yours is an interesting and entertaining blog and I will visit often to see what's new. Congrats on your gig! I bought my first digital camera in July to photograph my crafts but am having so much fun playing with it I have a new Why did I wait so long! Anyway, great blog and good luck and the best of the best to you and yours.