Wednesday, November 18, 2009

been crafting....

getting ready for christmas. we are doing our homemade christmas again...and this year we have decided to revise a few things. so tired of how over commercialized this holiday becomes. how it loses, in the material and monetary side of things, the real meaning.

and you don't have to believe in God or Jesus to know that the meaning of christmas is about the giving of yourself to others. with love. with honesty. with sincerity. these are the gifts that really matter.

so we are not handing out gifts this year to all asunder unless they are handmade. from the heart. made with love.

and that goes for our kidlets too. we have asked for their chirstmas lists and have decided that they will get one santa gift from that list, one gift from us on that list, and then one homemade gift from us. their gifts to each other will be handmade too.

so on that note...i have been compiling a list of cool handmade gift ideas. thought i would share one with you today:)

my 3 yr old LOVES her kitchen centre and thanks to gi, i came across this blog that offered a tutorial on how to make a felt sandwich (down the side bar). it's adorable. and i decided i had to get on the felt food train. so the idea was born that i was going to make a picnic for 2 for delainey with felt food. i found an amazing vendor on etsy who sells fabulous felt patterns. i bought a few that would suit my purposes for this project. she even offers a few free felt patterns on her blog...including a felt picnic basket!!!

the picnic for 2 will include 2 sandwiches, 4 donuts, a variety of fruit slices, a patchwork picnic blanket, and some handmade napkins. wanna see my progress so far???

slices of bread for the sandwiches

and the donuts...cute, hey??
it's been fun...and coming together rather quickly too!!! can't wait to see the entire project finished!!!

have a fabulous wednesday!!


  1. Oh I love this! I'm totally with ya on the felt food train, mama. I'm gonna whip up a bunch of these for my nieces. They're gonna love it!! Thanks for such a great idea :)

  2. THAT IS TOOO CUTE! I do believe my stomach could handle those, donuts, yo!

  3. cute felt food!
    Bill and I have always given the boys only 3 presents each for Christmas. As they got a little older sometimes they might grumble a bit but honestly they are so grateful. We did it for years out of principle and now we do it out of necessity but I wouldn't change it for the world!
    Can't wait to see what other craftiness you cook up.

  4. you are so in trouble. how come i had to come to your blog to see these???

    They are utterly adorable. I so love your Christmas manifesto. and totally love the picnic basket idea. Brilliant.

  5. Oh, this picnic-project of yours is awesome!
    Love your thoughts on Christmas. I'm trying to have a homemade, and earth-friendly christmas too. I'm planning on sharing some little ideas on my blog too.
    Have a great week.

  6. Love the picnic basket idea!
    I also love that The Hip was just playing ;)