Tuesday, November 3, 2009

under construction...

and diving into the world of blog customization and html codes...while there are some very talented people out there that can do this...and do this for a living...creating beautiful custom blogs for others....
i just can't pay the price for something that i can probably figure out myself...
so thanks to some determination....google...a lot of frustration and going cross eyed...
i am learning how to customize my blog....

so thanks for your patience thru this process...i know i am sadly behind in any kind of update :)

but i will leave you with this little daily....
a little KR love :)


  1. that layout is lucious! I also love, love your new profile photo-the red lipstick is glamourous.

  2. girl you are amazing!!!!!!!! i can't believe you did all of this blog stuff on your own!! and your profile pic, RAWR!!!!!! You are beautiful!
    Love the layout! Awesome awesome on everything!

  3. This is fabulous! And love the blog!

  4. Oh, and I have to tell you I LOVE your music choices! Some Canadian friends introduced me to Tragically Hip and Matthew Good Band. And Simon & Garfunkel...all-time fav. :)

  5. Fantastic job on the blog and layout Jessi!
    Love it!!!!

  6. um yeah. just noticed that you have landslide over there. that is my alltime fave song!

  7. you are da bomb, unbelievalbe self taught miracle! LOVE YA. and that lo is so dang cute!!

  8. o yeah beth...landslide in it's orginal form...nothing beats fleetwood mac!!!

  9. i am so impressed!! You realize that my blog has looked the SAME since you you have known me. I am too lazy and computer stupid to evem attempt to figure it out! I am just happy if I get photos to be spaced properly... haha!!
    Love the new KR LO! :)

  10. I am ready for you to be blogging some more. jus sayin.... :P