Thursday, December 31, 2009


seriously sitting here stunned that it's the last day of 2009...asking myself all those cliche questions...
where did the year go??
do i have any regrets??
did i accomplish all that i wanted to??
to set resolutions or not??

i am huge believer of no regrets...mistakes, yes...but no regrets. my year was filled with happy moments, sad moments, tough and challenging moments. moments of great accomplishemnt and self growth. i made mistakes, i learned from my mistakes...sometimes i made the same mistake twice. what can i say?? sometimes i need to relearn certain lessons in life :) but do i regret any of 2009??

i can honeslty say that i don't...everything that was 2009 has helped create the person that is standing here at the end of 2009 looking thru the doorway to 2010. the person who has goals, visions, and dreams of what 2010 may or may not bring. 2009 helped shape the direction i will start off 2010. but as life is a journey...staying on course and going in the same direction...well i guess we will have to see what 2010 holds for me, won't we??

the new year is a good opporunity to reflect and move on...appreciate the past for what is was and embrace the future for what it will bring...

and while i don't set your typical resolutions that come about in the new year...i do have some personal growth goals that i would like to continue with. and am looking forward to seeing where that journey will go.

happy new years everyone and may you bring in 2010 with laughter and the determination of making happen those dreams of what will be.


  1. Well said,... happy new year!!!!

  2. Happy New Year Jessi! all the best for another fantastic year!

  3. happy new year dear jessi. wishing you all the best. hugs

  4. Wishing you an interesting, joy filled 365 day trip around the sun Jessi!