Tuesday, December 1, 2009

christmas comes...

early to kenner road!!! kerry lynn has her first ever winter sale going on...RIGHT NOW!!! 40% off all past kits while supplies last!! so if haven't managed to get your hands on a kenner road kit....now is a fabulous time to do so!!! or just add to your collection of kenner road kits!!! so exciting!!

december has creeped in on us, once again...and i love it!!! i love the feel of this month....the traditions...the ideas...the love. the giving. so our december preview looks a bit like this....
a murder mystery christmas party
ronda and andy are coming from denver to visit....so excited!!! TOMMORROW!!!
2 birthdays...dakota is turning 9 on the fourth and delainey is 4 on the 8th.
kenner road december reveal...
getting a christmas tree...
jay's christmas work party
my sister is coming for christmas supper
and in between all this is lots of crafting and family time and a lot of sewing and homemade gifts to make :)

life is good!!!
happy december 1st!


  1. I love KR kits! I have been playing with the Tennabaum project kit!
    oooo I want to hear more about the murder mystery dinner party! that sounds like a blast! why don't we live closer! boo. Have a great day! :D

  2. have fun with Ronda, can't wait to see all your projects!

  3. happy birthday to d & d!! and i hope you're having a fabby time with ronda and co.!!

  4. btw, i nominated you for a kreative blogger award on my blog, if you have time... :)