Monday, December 7, 2009

the santa clause

murder most foul and wicked happened over the weekend. the law firm; lie, cheat & steal hosted their annual office chirstmas party and A. big scam was found in his santa suit bludgeoned to death and stuffed up his chimney. he left behind a grieving widow and many suspicions about his death.

laywers and clients put their best faces forward and came to the party in order to enjoy a little holiday cheer amongst the tragedy. well that find out who was taking over for will lie as he retired. there was much speculation on who would get that coveted position.

constance cheat?? rumors abounded about how she made partner to begin with...that horrible gossip columnist, gabby gossip, suspected she had had an affair with will would that brief affair play into his decision tonight??

ben detoy?? a sleazy office flirt who couldn't seem to keep his hands to himself and thought he was all that?? he really gets on constance's nerves, regardless that constance is happily married to igotta cheat, a man much younger then her and has been heard called her boy toy....

will lie, ben detoy, igotta cheat, constance cheat

who knows...will lie has been most secretive about who he is leaving in charge. but he also hasn't been known for his ethics...likes to keep his options open.

inspector ness shows up at the party to interrogate the murder of a. big might be a party, but a deed most foul has occurred and since everyone is already gathered...why not??

will lie makes his announcement...ben detoy was named as successor. constance is shocked!!! martha mallow, head of vale pharmaceuticals, client of constance, is seen asking...what is up with that?? she can't focus too long on the big promotion tho...her own problems are too big for that. 2 of her top scientists have gone missing and she wants information. she is a bit annoyed with constance who was hired to look into the matter...but she has yet to turn up any information.

gabby gossip is keeping a low profile and writing madly in her little notebook...observing eveyrone's reactions and who is who whispering to who!!!

gabby gossip, barbie dahl scam, chip shoulder, shamus steal

barbie dahl scam, widow to a. big scam has shown up to the party as well...causing speculation not only with her public display of mourning, but with the fact that she is calling herself ex wife to a. big scam. she is seen with her tear stained face leaning heavily on the shoulders of enid a. drink, the ex wife of seymour steal.

seymour steal enjoys defending the scourge of the world. had a mid life break down...bought a convertible, an apartment and was seen to have been sleeping with all manner of bimbos...yet still can't figure out why enid divorced him??? she has her own method of revenge....she believes in voodoo magic!!! carries around a voodoo doll replica of seymour. seymour lost more then just wife tho....he lost his son, shamus steal's respect. but speculation implies seymour doesn't really care...his son defends tree hugging hippie activists and in his eyes...that's not worth much. good morals and values seem to be lost on seymour.

but that murderer isn't done yet!!! while inspector ness is interrogating constance...a scream is heard!! frantic yelling for the inspector as ben detoy...newly announced head of firm...falls to the floor!!! sadly it was to late...he is dead...poisoned!!!!

inspector ness locks down the building and no one is allowed to leave. this is a serious matter! he has his force working double time and labs are quick to get him the results of any evidence found. who was seen where, when?? who was meeting with who just days, hours, minutes before the deaths occurred??? water stains take a new meaning. and shocking revelations!!!!

marsha mallow, seymour steal, constance and igotta cheat, sleuthing...but it was so hard to keep a straight face (enid a. drink, constance, and marsha)!!!

a. big scam's will and testament was read bequeathing a $1000.00 dollars to his wife as he believes that is the going rate for ladies of the night. and the rest of his fortune was bequeathed to enid a. drink, who provided him with much companionship and comfort!!!!!

a letter adressed to igotta cheat was found in ben detoys suit....a cell diagram and description of conditions the cell can cause. a deadly virus was being manufactured by the missing scientists (one the scientists being igotta cheats father!!!) who worked for vale drugs!!!

so who did it??? after going over the evidence and interrogating all who attended the arrest was made!!! inspector ness took miss marsha mallow into custody and charged with 2 counts of first degree murder, conspiracy to commit domestic terrorism, and some lesser charges in food and drug administration and tampering with evidence and framing someone else.
marsha mallow's pharmaceutical company was in financial trouble...she was creating a virus to put fear into people in order to make money off the antidote. a. big scam and ben detoy came across some suspicious activity and fell victim to knowing too much. in order to protect her company and life's work she committed her acts out of desperation. all in vain too. her company was shut down and she was handed a life sentence. the missing scientists were located and returned safely home. many lives were disrupted and changed after this night...secrets were disclosed and forced out into the open...many relationships were sacrificed due to marsha's desperation.

our dinner murder mystery was a blast!!! everyone had so much fun!! we ordered a downloadable game kit from this site...and i would go back and order from them again!! it was so easy to host and put together!! in fact, we had so much fun, we are having another murder mystery dinner for new years!!!

**this was a one was really harmed, no murders really committed, and no terrorism was conspired.


  1. oh my word, did you plan all this out? So glad you and Ronda had a good visit! I LOVE that first pic of you by the way!SO pretty :)

  2. i had such a blast. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Learned a few things. Laughed so hard. And i loved being there with you, even if i had to committ a few murders.

  3. OMG!! that sounds like so much fun! and awesome pics, babe!! how cool!!!

  4. what a fabulous idea Jessi! Looks like you all had a blast.

  5. Saw you in the winter edition of CS! Loved it!

  6. Just wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! xoxo