Monday, January 18, 2010

10 by 10

there is something very beautiful in kindness.
something very profound in awareness
and something magical and hopeful in comittment....

and you will find this and much more here....

10 by 10: "Share your 10 commitments to change"

my 10 by 10
  1. to REMEMBER my canvas grocery bags when shopping of any kind
  2. to EMBRACE the 5 minute shower
  3. to SHARE the 10 by 10 with my children's school and class
  4. SAY thank you in writing
  5. CREATE a photo series to raise money for charity
  6. BAKE homemade treats
  7. TURN OFF the tv and find something new to do in place of watching a tv show
  8. START picking up garbage found on the street while walking
  9. PURGE from my entire house & donate
  10. TELL people about 10 by 10


  1. I love love LOVE the background on your blog! so pretty, my love!
    and what a great 10 by 10! So is everyone's different, I guess?

  2. yup!!! everyones is's really a great idea...they even have a list of ideas that you can use if you can't think of your own or feel that something off their list is something you really want to committ too!!!

  3. count me as one of your 10... love this idea, and many of mine are the same as yours! love you Jess!