Thursday, January 14, 2010

choas and crazy

is exactly what it has been purging and organizing my scrap space. but it's been good. i have a corner in my living room i have dedicated to my creative space. but it was bursting at it's seams with whole theory was to only have what my space would allow for stuff...less is more kinda girl :) so when i started to find space in other areas around the living room to house scrappy crafty stuff...i knew it was time to purge.

it feels good. i feel lightened and now i have in my space only what i truly love. things that inspire me. and by not having so much on hand...i am not overwhelmed with all the options and choices...i won't spend so much time looking for things to use....i can just create :)

so along with the purging, came the mess...and the re-organization of the stuff i was keeping. and i had a moment...yup, one of brilliance and cleverness that i am now going to share with you.

i was sitting on my couch going thru my kenner road past kits and came across a baggie that is filled with all my lovely kenner road i was staring vacantly around the room trying to figure out what to do with them, how to store them so i would use them eyes settled upon one of favourite decorative fixtures in my living.....

my vintage windows. i love vintage windows. i use them for all kinds of things. one in my kitchen for a dry erase board. 3 on my wall in my living room, one used as a dry erase board that keeps track of my deadlines and projects, another that has had the glass removed and is used as a shelf, and one lonely beautiful one sitting in the middle of the other in tact, but sadly unused compared to the other 2. i have some block mounted rubber stamps sitting on the bottom sill of the window...but that was it....i asked myself a question.

would acrylic stamps stick to glass?? ummm duh!!!! so check out the new home for my kenner road acrylic stamps...

so in love :) but i have one more thing to share with you!!!! as i am cleaning and purging i am coming across all manner of things...i have come across a double in one of my kenner road stamps....would anyone be interested in giving this adorable stamp a home???

well all i need you to do is to leave a comment...yup, that simple. i will randomly draw a name and announce the winner on monday :)

happy thursday everyone!!!


    that is my overzealous comment. so there!

  2. Would I like to give that stamp a happy home?
    Do I love your window idea?
    Am I going to copy your window idea for the sets I use on a regular basis?
    Does my little corner of my scrapping room look like your pile'o'stuff?

  3. ohhhh I would give that little stamp a good home. And I really love the frame idea...too cute.

  4. Thanks Jessi.... you have me wanting one,, k.. SOME.. of those antique windows...and your stamp 'storage' idea using them... FABULOUS!!!

    Would I love to win that stamp.... YOU BETCHA, I would!!!!!:)

  5. I LOVE it too! Love that window!!!!!Great idea you smart girl!

  6. Great job!!! I know I have a million areas that I have craft stuff in . . . I'm working on my hubby to get my own craft room, we'll see:-)

  7. Brilliant idea with the acrylics on your old window! I have a few old windows just sitting in storage that would work perfectly for this. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. that's a LOT of stuff!!! i don't mind giving that stamp a home here ;)

  9. I would Love to give your stamp a lovley and a happy home! :-) I have been spending a long time viewing all of your prev posts! you are so so Talented! Love your work! And that window is a bril Idea!

    X Ayelet (Jenny)