Tuesday, March 23, 2010

earth hour

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it's not much...just an hour. an hour to be creative in how you spend your time. an hour to make a point-the earth matters. an hour to see how simple it is. an hour to realize it not that hard to incorporate earth friendly practices into your day to day. an hour to make you conscious. an hour of no electricity. earth hour is march 27th....what are you going to do for an hour???

we are doing a family game night. something we do frequently...but march 27th it will be by candlelight. for the last 2 years we have done earth hour this way and we usually end up having so much fun that we don't realize the time passing....and before we know we have spent 2 or more hours playing games, laughing, and talking....all by candlelight. the computers get shut down. the tv is ignored. the lights are turned off. and we focus on what really matters....family :)

it's a good thing.

if you haven't registered your family or business yet...what are you waiting for??? find out just how much one person, one family, one business can make a difference by making a conscious effort to reduce your electric consumption for one hour. EARTH HOUR.


  1. good idea.
    hmmmm....what should i do?

    how ya been, Franka! You got your bracelet or is customs holding it up?! lol

  2. i will be planting some veggies! :)

  3. Happy Easter to you and your family xo