Wednesday, April 28, 2010


jessica lute photography has an official website :)
doesn't even begin to define how i feel!!!
so check it out!!!
tell me what you think :)
jessica lute photography
and don't forget to bookmark it ;)


  1. Hey Jessi!

    your site looks fantastic! btw, in the "my belief" section there are two words that are overlapping. just thought i should let you know if caseyou hadn't seen it.
    I love that i'm not the only one to use small i's when writting. i love twilight too, drink Chai lattes and london fogs and guess what else.... my fav # is also 3!!! this is just way too weird!


  2. omg girl, what an awesome site!! i so love the top menu with " home" and "happiness" as a menu, in stead of the path everybody is taking. that cute little butterfly even in your http:// is awesome?! how do you do that? i can learn so much from you. when did you say you were moving to Holland again?

    hope orders are floating in girl!!