Wednesday, May 12, 2010

mama's day

i love this day. the day we celebrate across the world the triumphs, sacrifices, love, mile stones, & bonds of mothers. yours,, you. and while i am insanely aware every day of the year that i am mom...i love that i can take a day to really remind myself of my greatest accomplishments and that of my mom's. and i love that we are really celebrating the children in our lives...the reasons we are mothers. and that is definitely something worth celebrating. this is my gift each year. it's not's not's tangible, real and filled with everyday moments that i cherish.

and on my mama's day...i was awoken with hugs and laughter and a chorus of "happy mother's day mama!!" i was treated to stuffed french toast courtesy of my husband and his apprentices and homemade cards and a lot more hugs! we decided to fill our day with a spontaneous trip to banff...

it was a good day. a really really good day!


  1. Fabulous pictures! All of them are beautiful captures of everyday life. I love love the one of you the one of jason the girls!!!

  2. Awesome photos my friend!!Especially love the one of you on the road in front of the mountains!!

  3. wow you are amazing! my fave photo is you in the road. that is sooo cool! I am putting you up as todays inspo!

  4. I love how you captured the snow falling in your photos - what did you have your camera set to? I am just learning to use my dslr and need all the help I can get!