Friday, July 23, 2010

simple things

we celebrated my beautiful haya's 8th birthday on wednesday....

breakfast yummy!!! we had a special family supper that night too:)

we are also full on into bmx'ing....we love it! it gets better with each year!!! haillee wanted to try it out this year...then sorta chickened's all good. i really don't blame her...that start hill is massive!!! along with the jumps!!! delainey, however still swears she is gonna soon as she can!!! she found out that she could start as soon as she could ride a bike without training wheels. miss d immediately demanded that we take her training wheels off so she could start learning to ride without them!!!

the best part?? every day she works on her bike. yup! she has been spending too much time watching daddy, dakota and uncle rory working on their bmx bikes...that she "works" on her daily. yesterday was wash day..."to get it all clean and shiny for when i can bmx like dakota"

and the boy who started it all....big d!!

hope you are all enjoying your summers...i know we are :)

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